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Pika Pika 🇵🇭 [Noun] small bites, finger foods, tapas.

Hi! I’m Gino, founder and CEO of Pika Pika. I’m so excited to share some of my favorite delightful and colorful Filipino flavors with you. 

Pika Pika was born out of my desire to treat humble everyday moments as a chance to celebrate the flavors I loved growing up. 

Like most immigrants, my family and I straddled the line of unapologetically pursuing opportunities while trying to stay tethered to where we were born. I used to think that the two could not exist together, but I was wrong. It is in that in-between that my family found our sense of belonging. By appreciating and celebrating our heritage, we could understand the potential ahead of us and find our footing.

Pika Pika is a manifestation of that journey for my family and I. Our spreads and treats lean into their all-natural roots, foregoing any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Our mission is to inspire joy in everyday moments through the vivid flavors of the Philippines. Welcome to our table. We’ve prepared for you some Pika Pika – to enjoy here or take with you.

Nagmamahal, Gino


Proudly Queer, AAPI & Immigrant Owned.

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